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i'm tamara,
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sunset chaser
fueled by lattes
lover of peonies

It’s wonderful to meet you! I’m a fine art lifestyle photographer specializing in portraits for growing families and fellow creatives. My best friend-slash-hubby, Tony, and I live in Crystal Lake, Illinois with our baby boys, Nicholas & Benjamin, and our three rambunctious pups. When I’m not out documenting my clients, I’m soaking in my boys' giggles & cuddles, snuggling up on the couch with my husband to watch 90 Day Fiance, horseback riding or working on a home project.

I strive to provide my clients with the utmost in quality services and images. I am so honored to have such amazing clients that have chosen me to be a part of the most special moments in their lives. I’m even more honored and humbled that I get the opportunity to become such wonderful friends with those amazing humans and continue to document more special moments for them as their families grow.

my style is clean and honest  |  I capture the real you

my style is clean and honest
I capture the real you

"Tamara's eye for detail and all the little moments are the photos I keeping going back to look at."

we're a perfect fit if...

meant to be

you love sunsets

There is nothing more magical than photographing in that golden hour sunlight.

a baby's belly laugh gives you life

There is something about that sweet, belly filled laugh that sends energy and happiness through my body and feeds my soul.

you love hanging artwork on your walls

I can’t be the only one who covers every single wall in their home of photos of my baby, pets and family? I find myself staring at photographs from the past and imaging myself there again, in those moments.

Timeless, authentic and natural photography is your style

Raw and real are two things I think make a timeless, authentic and natural photograph.

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tamara jaros
tamara jaros photography


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tamara jaros
tamara jaros photography