pre-consultation tools

what's your style?

Everyone has a style - is yours Traditional? Boho? Urban Hipster? Maybe you aren’t even sure WHAT your style is! If so, don’t worry - we can find it together. The following questions can get you thinking about what style and color palettes you are most drawn to. We can collaborate before your session to ensure that your images match your family’s unique personality and fit effortlessly into your home decor where you can enjoy them every day!

Just a few questions to help us get to know your style... 

I Prefer:
Black & White  Color  A mix of both

On my walls, I like the look of:
One large image  Several Images (Gallery Style)

I am drawn to:
Framed images  Canvases

I favor these color palettes:
Earthy  Jewel Tones  
Bright & Bold  Pastel

My home decor is:
Traditional  Modern  Coastal
Cottage  Eclectic  Whimsical

The furniture in my home is mostly:
White Black  Brown  Other