Some of Our Favorites | Our Newborn Session with Blossom Lane Photography

Our little bundle of cuteness joined us on November 23rd and we had our lifestyle newborn session with Blossom Lane Photography on December 2nd in our home.

What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session?
Often clients ask me what a lifestyle newborn session is, why they are typically done at home and why they are special. Here’s what I tell them — A lifestyle newborn session is typically photographed in the comfort of your home because your home is literally where your heart is. You’ve grown your family there, you have special memories there and your home is where you are most comfortable and relaxed.

I’m going to be honest here and I bet you’re not going to be shocked when I tell you that my husband was not exactly excited for another photo session. Nor was he excited to have it at our home.. we have three young dogs who go bonkers over visitors and it can honestly be a bit much sometimes. He asked me why it was so important to have the session in our home and when I explained the above to him, he understood why this was so important to me.

When are Newborn Lifestyle Sessions Held?
I am SO incredibly glad we did the session in our home and did it within the first two weeks of Nicholas’ life. I know it can be tough to clean a house up. Especially when you’re not feeling at all near 100% after delivering your bundle of love.. but that bundle of love is only that little for so long. Newborn lifestyle sessions are best held around 7-14 days–especially if you want to swaddle those babes up like a burrito to get images of them sleeping.

I’m so excited to share some of my favorite images with you from our newborn session in our home. Even though our pups can be a handful and go bonkers with visitors, they absolutely loved the photo session and we were able to have them in many photos with us. After all, they are part of our little family as well. <3

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