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The first “official” day of spring was 9 days ago — which I find super hard to believe since I heard the word “snow” this morning on the news when they were discussing this weekend’s forecast. Let’s be honest, spring in the midwest can be all over the place — last year I recall experiencing all four seasons within one week during the fall. This wonderful blog post includes my top tips for styling for your spring portraits this year.

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I get asked quite frequently about styling for portrait sessions — I have some Clients who can go straight to their closet and know exactly what they want to wear and then I’d say a majority of my Clients are sending me pictures of options a week or two before their session because they just don’t know where to begin. Which I LOVE helping out with by the way. Its so fun to me to be able to see my Client’s style and help them visualize their outfits for their family portraits.

I also have a new styling tool that I provide all my Clients with before their portrait sessions — which is absolutely amazing and a wonderful place to start if you’re on of those people that just sees a sea of colors and patterns when you step inside your closet. It has been such a great tool. For more information on that tool, read my blog post here.

My top tips for selecting your spring outfits:
1. Layer — as we all know, spring in the midwest can be unpredictable. It could be chilly one day and warm the next. Since I photograph most of my family sessions just before sunset, it can be a bit chilly. Having a light sweater and/or jacket on hand is a great idea. Also, having a t-shirt or tank top underneath tops is super helpful as well and can help give that extra layer of warmth should the weather be a bit cooler the day of your session.

Crystal Lake Outdoor Park Spring Family Portraits

2. Neutrals — once spring arrives, the trees start getting their leaves, flowers start to bloom, and the grass gets greener. With all the color starting to pop up everywhere, neutral color pallets are a gorgeous simple, yet powerful color palette for family portraits. They’re soft tones give off such a “glow” in your images. Whites, creams, and light grays are some of my favorite colors for spring portraits.

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3. Pops of Pattern — Pattern can be so fun to incorporate into an outfit, however, too much pattern can look busy. When adding pattern (plaid, polka-dots, etc.) into the mix, try limiting the pattern to one or two articles of clothing within the family. If the entire family is wearing some sort of pattern, the photograph may start to look too busy. The Sindler family added a pop of pattern beautifully to their family portraits by making dad’s shirt plaid.

Tamara Jaros Photography-Sindler Family Portraits-Crystal Lake IL-Veterans Acres-Rustic Spring Portraits

4. Have fun with it! Your outfits should reflect your family’s style and each individual’s personality. Have fun blending colors and patterns together. If you ever have any questions, I’m just a text or an email away. 😉

Fabyan West Geneva Illinois Family Portrait Photographer Spring Mini Session
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