Door County Wisconsin Mini-Moon

Door County Wisconsin Mini-Moon

When Tony and I were planning our wedding, we quickly came to an agreement about our honeymoon and that we would do more of a “mini-moon” as there were a few other things we wanted to get done around the house that would cost the same as a honeymoon, and there was always the possibility of going on a longer and further honeymoon in the future if we could fit it into our work schedules. When thinking of where we wanted to go for our mini-moon, Tony suggested Door County. He lived there for a few years when he was younger and has fond memories of all the amazing things to see and places to visit along the peninsula. I had never been to Door County but have only heard amazing things from Tony and other friends and family, so it seemed like a no-brainer that Door County needed to be our mini-moon destination.

We left our house Monday morning and arrived in Sturgeon Bay around 1pm which gave us the whole afternoon to explore around Sturgeon Bay a bit before grabbing dinner at Glidden Lodge. I had the most amazing Dijon Crusted Samon there — I could have eaten dinner there every night during our trip.

We set Tuesday aside as a full exploring day to drive into Fish Creek and explore along the peninsula a bit more. We stopped at a lot of shops along the way, grabbed lunch at Al Johnson’s and saw the goats on the roof before heading back to Sturgeon Bay and borrowing his aunt and uncle’s mopeds to drive around and stop at Cave Point. I think it’s easy to say that Cave Point has become my new favorite scenic place to visit. Above and below are a few of my favorite images I captured from visiting this amazing view.

On Wednesday we had a full day of exploring again–this time we headed up the peninsula immediately after breakfast to take our car on the ferry across the lake to Washington Island. Another amazing sight to see. I had never been on a ferry, yet alone driven our car onto one. It was so cool and such an experience! When we pulled off the ferry we drove around the island a bit (which was maybe a 5 minute drive to get across) and then we pulled out the map and picked a few spots we wanted to stop at. We went to Schoolhouse Beach which is an all flat, smooth, rock beach and it was my FAVORITE. I could sit on that zen beach all day and listen to the waves come in. We also stopped at Mountain View — where we had to climb 180+ stairs to see across the island. Also an amazing view, but I’m so out of shape I was huffing and puffing before we even got a third of the way up there. Haha. We also stopped at Fragrant Aisle to learn about lavender in Door County and check out their adorable shop on-site. We stopped at dinner on the way back to where we stayed and called it an early night after being worn out from the sun. (See pictures below)

Thursday morning we decided to head home a bit early as we had a lot of rain back home and we knew we had a bunch of yard work to get caught up on before heading back to work Friday and Monday. We left Door County around 6am and got back by 10am. Tony tackled the outside and I tackled cleaning and organizing the inside–now that’s married life!

Our first trip as a married couple is in the books and it was absolutely perfect.

Cave Point

Door County Wisconsin Mini-MoonDoor County Wisconsin Mini-MoonDoor County Wisconsin Mini-MoonDoor County Wisconsin Mini-MoonDoor County Wisconsin Mini-MoonDoor County Wisconsin Mini-MoonDoor County Wisconsin Mini-MoonDoor County Wisconsin Mini-Moon
Schoolhouse Beach
Door County Wisconsin Mini-MoonDoor County Wisconsin Mini-Moon
Fragrant Aisle
Door County Wisconsin Mini-MoonDoor County Wisconsin Mini-Moon

Mountain View
Door County Wisconsin Mini-MoonDoor County Wisconsin Mini-Moon
Ferry Ride to/from Washington Island
Door County Wisconsin Mini-Moon

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