Tips for a Stress-Free Engagement Session

I absolutely love shooting an engagement session. It’s an opportunity to get to know my couples and allow the couple to showcase not only their love, but their hobbies and interests as well! As much fun as engagement sessions are, there is also a lot of planning that goes into them. Lucky for you, I’ve picked up a few tricks from my couples along the way. Here are my top tips for a stress-free session and beautiful engagement photos!

Engagement Session Tip #1:

One of the biggest decisions for the session is the location. Couples want to find the perfect backdrop for their photos and sometimes don’t know where to begin. Keep it simple! Select a location that has meaning to you and your love. Think about places that you’ve enjoyed going to together in the past, like a favorite park, coffee shop, or small-town location. If you don’t have a favorite location as a couple, choose a location that reflects your personalities or involves an activity you love to do together. Maybe you love hiking? A forest preserve would make for a beautiful setting. Maybe you’re both swimmers? Have your session on the beach! Finding a place that feels familiar and fits your personality will ensure you feel comfortable there.

Stress-Free-Engagement-Session-LocationEngagement Session Tip #2:

Of course, you want to look your best, but make sure to keep comfort in mind when selecting your outfits. Chances are you’ll be walking and sitting throughout your session, so wear something you can move around in. You’ll want to be in the moment and not have to worry about tugging or pulling on your clothes. Select outfits that reflect your personality and style, but that you’re also comfortable in. The more comfortable you are, the more your personality will shine through!

Engagement Session Tip #3:

Make sure to coordinate your outfit with your fiancé! You’ll want to select outfits that complement each other but aren’t too matchy-matchy or too bright. I suggest avoiding anything that is neon colored. Neon reflects off your skin tone outdoors in the sun. Try wearing colors that blend well together. Neutrals like greys, creams, beiges, whites, navies, or blacks work great together. Earth tones like blues, greens, and tans are always an excellent choice as well!

Stress-Free-Engagement-Session-MakeupEngagement Session Tip #4:

Here’s a little makeup hack for the ladies! If you have a makeup trial included in your makeup package, consider using it for your engagement session photos. A lot of my brides like to get their makeup done for their sessions, so it’s a wonderful time to use the trial. You can get pampered before your session, so you show up feeling relaxed. An extra bonus is that you’ll get to see exactly how your chosen makeup style photographs on you!

Engagement Session Tip #5:

Have fun! The session is meant to be fun and relaxed, so there is no need to stress out. Use the tips above to make yourself feel more comfortable. Then, be yourself, let your personality shine and enjoy the experience with your loved one!


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