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Some of my favorite photos of the day are taken while the Bride and Groom are getting ready. There is so much joy and anticipation in the air. It’s a great opportunity to capture more casual candid moments with the wedding party, and a perfect time to photograph some of the smaller intimate details before the hustle and bustle of the wedding begins. When planning, this portion of the day can sometimes get overlooked, so I wanted to give you some of my top tips for preparing for the perfect getting ready shots.

Create-Perfect-Getty-Ready-Photos-Tips-For-BrideTips for the Bride

Tip 1: Create a packing checklist

The day of the wedding the last thing you’re going to want to do is rack your brain for everything you’re going to need to get ready for the day, so make this list a week or two beforehand! Write everything down, so you don’t have to use any brain power when it comes to gathering your things. Of course, you’ll have your bridal gown, veil and shoes, but don’t forget the smaller things like perfume and jewelry. You may want to send your bridesmaids the checklist too, so they don’t forget anything of their own!

Tip 2: Heirlooms

Many people like to incorporate a family heirloom or two into their big day. Perhaps a ring from grandma, or a hair comb from mom? Make sure to bring these with you while getting ready. Before you put these items on for the day, they can be photographed alongside your other bridal details!

Tip 3: The Rings

It’s nice to have all three rings (engagement ring, and both the Bride’s and Groom’s wedding bands) photographed together, and while you’re getting ready is the perfect time for your photographer to do this. A great addition to these photos is the MRS. Box. It’s perfect for showing off your ring in photographs, plus it makes for a wonderful keepsake. Visit to see all the ways you can personalize your own box!

Tip 4:  Loose Flowers

Loose flowers give photographs of your wedding details such an elevated touch. When making your bouquets and centerpieces, your florist will sometimes have extra flowers and greenery that go unused. Ask your florist if they have any extras, and if they can bring them along when they deliver your bouquets.

Tip 4: Wooden Hanger

Most of the time bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses are placed on a plastic hanger by the bridal shop or seamstress. While functional, it’s not the most attractive look in photos. I’d suggest upgrading to a wooden hanger. You probably even have one at home! Wooden hangers photograph beautifully and will show off your dress perfectly in photos.

Create-Perfect-Getting-Ready-Photos-Tips-For-GroomTips for the Groom

Tip 1: Create a packing checklist

Just like your beautiful bride, you’re not going to want to have to spend time thinking about what you need to get ready the day of your wedding. So plan ahead by creating a list. In addition to your tux or suit you’ll want to remember smaller things like your socks, cufflinks, cologne, and watch.

Tip 2: Timing

While the bride will most likely be getting ready all morning, the guys sometimes need more help when planning when to get ready. I usually tell my grooms they should start getting dressed when the photographer arrives. While you’re dressing, they can be photographing the details, like your shoes, tie, cufflinks, and boutonniere. Once that’s done the photographer can photograph you putting on those details and finish getting ready.

Tip 3: Clutter

Getting ready can be a really fun part of your day, but you don’t necessarily want all the fun to show up in your photos. 😉 Before the photographer arrives, make sure to pick up any beer bottles, food wrappers, socks and other “clutter.” This will ensure the focus is on you and your groomsmen and not the messy background!

Tip 4: An extra dress shirt

It’s always good to have a backup, especially if your wedding is in the summer or somewhere where it’s super hot out. Having an extra dress shirt will give you the option to freshen up before the ceremony or reception if needed!

One final tip for both the bride and the groom:

For whatever items you decide to have as a part of your day, I suggest putting them together in one bag or box. That way, they’re all together and ready when your photographer arrives to photograph them. This will save the bride, groom, and wedding party from the last minute stress of having to rush around trying to find these items!

I hope these tips were helpful as you prepare for your wedding day! As always if you have any questions or need some additional suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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