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Things have been a little quiet on the blog lately as I’ve been focusing on getting our newest addition settled into our home. Everyone, meet Roo. We adopted Roo (formerly known as Mike) from Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin.

Tony and I had talked quite a bit on and off about adopting a brother for Winnie ever since Cesar passed away this past July. To be honest, it was hard for me to think about adopting another dog so quickly after losing Cesar. It took me a long time to move forward and to not wake up crying in the morning from missing him. I still tear up from time to time but that’s only natural–he was my best friend for almost 17 years. He slept by my side every night for almost 17 years.. how do you completely recover from losing someone so close to you? I don’t think you really do. I think you just get stronger and find comfort in praying & knowing that they’re not in pain anymore.

Since I made the transition to self-employment, I’ve gotten to spend a lot more time with Winnie during the week. We go on more walks throughout the day, she follows me like a shadow around the house, she stares me down until I toss her toy-toy while I’m making calls and answering emails. But every now and then when I look at her I’d wonder if it makes her sad that she doesn’t have another dog companion to run around the house with or play tug-of-war with anymore. After all, she’s a pup that LOVES other dogs. Tony and I use to drop her off at doggy-day-care a couple times a week just so she could socialize and play with all the other pups.

A couple weeks ago Tony and I were sitting on the couch having a deeper conversation about getting another dog and how we thought it would benefit Winnie to have a companion. We agreed that adopting a puppy now would most likely be a better idea than waiting until she’s older. She’s still a young adult with puppy energy so we decided to start our search for a puppy sibling for her. We decided to take a trip one afternoon to Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin when we saw Mike’s profile on their website. In fact, they had a number of young pups we thought we would take a look at. When we got there we found out that Mike had been transferred to a satellite location of Andersons’ at a Petco nearby, so we hopped in the car to go see him.

When we got to the Petco we went into the Adoption Center to find a bunch of adorable pups. We spotted Mike right away–how could you not from those cute little markings and different colored eyes? When we asked to play with him out of his kennel we knew he was the one when he climbed on our laps, looked us in the eyes and licked our faces. He wanted to be with us. He wanted to be cuddled. He wanted to be loved. This was the puppy we knew would make the perfect sibling for Winnie!

We took Roo home that night and Winnie and her new brother became inseparable ever since. When we take one outside to potty, the other one can be found sitting by the door crying until the other returns. When one cuddles up on the couch the other one plops down nearby for a cuddle. When one runs to the window to bark at joggers the other follows. They are glued at the hip. And I love it. I’m glad we adopted the perfect addition for our family and I’m glad Winnie now has a furry companion. <3

Welcome to the family, Roo!


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